Store refurbishment

The entire store is the face of the brand it represents.

Store refurbishment is the art and knowledge that allows you to give your stores a current and aesthetically balanced look in relation to your objectives.

Beautiful stores are a strong attraction and always an invitation to buy. Don't be left behind.

The primary aim of refurbishing stores is to modernize them, because brands don't age.

Today, in all the world's major cities, it is very much in vogue to use store spaces for both offices and housing. What this trend means is that the store space is a convention that defines the relationship with the surrounding exterior. Its use makes for truly surprising architecture and interior design.

However, we talk about refurbishing stores when we refer to their decoration and interior design. Changing colors, furniture, display systems and paying special attention to the shop window and the entire exterior space.

The modernity and modernity that always requires the effort of remodeling stores is also the result of a change in the relationship with the consumer. Today, everything is done to make them feel comfortable in the store and willing to buy.

Whatever assortment we're talking about, it needs to be immediately noticeable and the store's positioning needs to be easily understood.

What kind of store do you want to refurbish?

We study and work to find your formula. Your decoration. The one you envisioned.

Luxury stores

Refurbishing luxury stores is always a call for creativity. Luxury isn't just about glitz. It is built on the quality of materials, aesthetic harmony and surprising display ideas. To renew luxury is to be at the forefront of knowledge and art. It means being able to go further, to dare and to create the perception that each object, like each client, is unique and unrepeatable.

Shopping Center Store

The renovation or refurbishment of stores in shopping centers is never done with complete freedom, as it has to comply with the space manager's program. However, it is always possible to renovate so that habit doesn't tire the customer or make them indifferent. In the intense noise of a shopping center, the renovation of the store has to be strongly expressed through the window and the entrance space so that the consumer notices it. A highly relevant factor will be the signage. It needs to surprise and stand out.


Megastores are the stores that aim to represent the brand in all its glory. They are the beacons that illuminate the design of the brand's other stores. Refurbishing a megastore means adapting it to the renewal of the brand it represents. There's a secret to this. The refurbishment has to be elastic enough to respond to the various stages of the brand's life, because it's easier to change the brand's tone of voice or advertising than it is to refurbish the store.

Street Shop

High street stores make up the majority of spaces, particularly in traditional commerce. We will do everything we can to refurbish a store so that it makes traditional commerce even more attractive. The costs of not upgrading are very high and often lead to closure. We have enough experience and know-how in the various dimensions of interior design and store refurbishment to adapt our intervention to the budget available.

Our methodology:

Explore the infinite possibilities of the creative process with us.


The briefing is the moment when the client sets out what they want from their project. The more careful the briefing, the more likely we are to succeed quickly. The briefing should include the available budget and the time required to complete the project.


Developing a project concept is the first personal and customized approach to architecture, interior design and decorating a space. It is an outline that materializes the main ideas to be worked on.

Technical Project

This phase includes the structuring of the layout of the spaces, the construction project, the selection of furniture, art curation, among others. All projects are presented using 3D images.


Once the technical execution projects and specialties have been completed, it is possible to carry out rigorous and detailed budgeting, so that there are no surprises. At this stage it is also possible to make some small changes or corrections.

Construction Management

Spacemakers manages the work personally. We are present at every stage of the project, and can cover a wide range of areas, from project management to purchasing, logistics and warehousing, and even art curation.


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