Store Design

Store decoration and design are all the more essential the more important the overall economy of your business is to you. At Spacemakers, we keep in mind that a store has to be profitable and we put our know-how and experience at your disposal to strike a balance between the aesthetics of the atmosphere and the value generated.

Aesthetics is a positive perception, whatever universe of the public we're talking about. It is inherent to the human condition. Taking care of this parameter to put it at the service of commercial objectives is the reason for our investment in interior architecture, decoration and store design.

Breaking away from banality and building an atmosphere for dreaming is our principle in store decoration and design.

Through store decoration and design, the aim is to create and promote the desire that is the goal of any store. Whether for day-to-day shopping or for special occasions, the store has to be a space that provides a pleasant and efficient interaction with the customer.

In the end, it is essential that the store is the place that allows customers to live a meaningful experience, a narrative that feeds the brand and the desire to buy.

It's important to remember that few places are as dependent on the brand as a store. There are stores that make brands and others that are the ultimate expression of the brand's offer.

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Store design takes into account colors, lighting, the arrangement of elements, perfume and music to create a unique experience.

Store design has the role of transforming the brand into a sensory experience, using elements such as colors, lighting and furniture to create the desired atmosphere. It doesn't just depend on money, but on the ability to innovate and keep an open mind to achieve the ideal store, regardless of the budget available.

Store Design Methodology

There is a semiotics to shopping that store decoration and design must obey.

Getting in

This parameter associated with store design involves working on the window and the exterior so that its elements are so appealing that they capture attention and lead to the opportunity to establish interaction, even if this is only out of curiosity.

Generate peace of mind

At this stage, you want to create the opportunity to decode the environment and the type of store as soon as you pass its doors. It is through an easy decoding process that the customer will be able to penetrate and discover the offer available.

Make the exhibition appealing

Whatever the product, whatever the degree of exclusivity, massification or luxury required.

Making buying easier

Making the process obvious by identifying the service, the logic of the route and the visibility of the checkouts.

We believe that any commercial space deserves specific thought and decoration.

We study and work to find your formula. Your decoration. The one you envisioned.

Store types

Fresh store

Or neighborhood supermarkets. Specializing in garden produce or generalists. Single store or a model store to franchise?

Whatever your vision and objectives, we have a specialized approach to working on quality through the lighting and presentation of products, their logical arrangement, so that workflows are practical and easy to manage.

Organic groceries

It's not enough to have organic products, the whole environment has to speak that language.

The personality we can give to this segment aims to involve the consumer in a more authentic experience, in tune with the products they will find.

Fashion stores

The immensity of the options available is a challenge, but it is always possible to make the most of the space and the brand strategy. Whether it's for a designer store, a multi-brand store, fast fashion or a luxury store. 

On the street or in a shopping mall. For men, women, children or all together.


Increasingly rare. Increasingly important. Not just shelves with books, but a place to enjoy the art of covers and words read at random. 

The calm and quiet atmosphere, the tables and the warm-colored sofas appeal to the imagination and the readings we want our customers to take home with them.

Beauty centers

Tranquillity, safety, professionalism and beauty are essential attributes for beauty centers, whose offer is increasingly wide-ranging and constantly evolving. The design and decoration must allow the space to match what the client is looking for: well-being, self-esteem, physical comfort and beauty.

Household appliances

Essential items in our daily lives, their stores are a very specific segment because the variety on offer and the shopping style mean that they have to be divided into categories, without jeopardizing either the service or the impulse buying that so often happens with the small objects that make our lives easier.


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