Restoration of Old Houses

Restoring old houses is synonymous with preserving a cultural heritage to which we are all heirs.

Our love of art, which makes us respect and admire the very history of architecture, our experience and the common sense that characterizes us are the factors we put at your disposal in a process as complex as the restoration of old houses.

Because we like to advise before we start, you can count on us.

Restoring old houses is always a delicate operation, as there are many factors at play.

We can talk about restoring the entire house, from the exterior walls to redesigning the interior, in which case an architectural project is essential, to which we must associate engineering specialties so as not to jeopardize either the existing or the future.

When restoring old houses we try to preserve their history, both in terms of their period and in terms of the construction processes and materials used, such as the tiles that are so typical in Portugal.

The restoration of old houses is an important element in preserving our heritage and is therefore always an asset. However, it requires research and extreme care in adapting it to modern times, both in terms of safety and in terms of functionality and sustainability.

When we want a high level of authenticity, we even manage to reproduce the old construction techniques and look for the materials used at the time. It all depends on the effort you're willing to invest and the patience you're willing to have, as these are always time-consuming processes.

What kind of old house do you want to restore?

We study and work to find your formula. Your decoration. The one you envisioned.

Old Houses

The diversity of styles present in the old houses scattered throughout our territory tell us the story of our country's socio-cultural movements, such as the well-known "houses of the Brazilians" and life in their different eras. Researching and learning more about each one is a process that forms part of its restoration. So that the history and characteristics that made them symbols are not lost.

Country Houses

Each region has its own style, and in our country we find construction processes and houses as diverse as the Alentejo hills or the schist houses in the mountains. Restoring a country house means being able to maintain tradition and some of its specificities while giving it the comfort, safety and sustainability of modernity. Adapting without jeopardizing its typicality.

Designer Buildings

Designer buildings can be buildings or single-family homes. Some architects have created a style, others have become icons of the various modernities of history. Restoring this type of building is the most complex, as it is often covered by legislation that protects it or its location in a particular area. It's just another challenge in the adventure of recreating a spirit that has transformed a building into an art object. To be preserved.


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