The interior design and decoration of restaurants will be worked on so that from the initial idea a concept is defined that will be transformed into a sensory reality that appeals to all the senses.

Our approach to restaurant interior design and decoration is based on the suitability and combination of four pillars - comfort, appetite appeal, cuisine and service - whatever the type of concept and experience we are talking about.

It is possible to identify that the main objective through the design and decoration of restaurants is to create a space where everything comes together for such a positive experience that the customer comes back again and again.

Comfort is generated by the ambience, furniture, acoustics and lighting. The appetite is appealed to with decorative elements, colors appropriate to the food, menu presentation and table arrangements. The kitchen follows strict hygiene and efficiency rules. Service involves friendliness, attention and optimization of service, along with the arrangement of tables and service furniture.

A restaurant is above all a brand that we want to make memorable, through the atmosphere, the dining experience and the service.

What kind of gastronomic experience do you want to serve and what kind of restaurant design and decoration is most appropriate?

We study and work to find your formula. Your decoration. The one you envisioned.


We can talk about a signature cuisine in which each dish is a unique composition and the ambience reflects this exclusivity through carefully chosen furniture and decorative pieces that accompany the chef's art. On the other hand, we can also talk about "fine dining", which stands out for its high gastronomic quality, the elegance of the ambience and the attentive service.


Relaxation is the motto, but that doesn't imply a lack of gastronomic quality or design. In the interior design and decoration of restaurants with these characteristics, conviviality is favored not only by the decoration and layout of the tables, but also by the menu. Adapted to both relaxed situations and environments, such as beach or neighborhood restaurants, and more intimate experiences.


Themed restaurants are in fashion and the themes are as varied as history and gastronomy. Dedicated to movies or barbecues, fish or meat, historical periods such as the 1920s or typical regions, they allow you to immerse yourself in time and in a specific gastronomy that interior design and restaurant decoration will always accompany and reinforce.


Experiencing difference is an invitation we've all become accustomed to. From Japanese cuisine to Italian, Brazilian, Lebanese, Indian or Asian, the variety allows restaurant interior design and decoration to be bold in its interpretation, so that elements such as the colors and decoration of the environment help create a journey of the senses to the most distant places.


Turning a sweet into a gastronomic experience is a challenge that the design and decoration of restaurants has to meet. We could be talking about a tea room or a refined space, but here the pastry chef and the eye reign supreme. The design, certainly of purer lines, will work to ensure that the atmosphere does not disturb the pleasure of tasting.


For any of the many forms of healthy cuisine today, interior design and restaurant decoration play a central role in immediately determining the proximity to nature that is so typical of this cuisine, be it vegan, vegetarian or simply organic. Sustainability and the authenticity of materials also play an important role in this category.


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