In a refurbishment process, our team of specialists in architecture and interior design will collaborate with you throughout the journey of realizing your dream space.

We carry out your refurbishment project, from architecture and interior design to technical design and construction.


In each case, we apply our experience and passion to offer exceptional solutions.

The refurbishment process allows apartments to be transformed, creating new and modern designs.

Apartment renovations

Remodeling is about transforming and adapting. Turning the old into new, the traditional into modern or even giving the old a new lease of life, a new opportunity, adapting it to new uses and functions. The starting point determines the depth of the intervention in a refurbishment process.

At our interior design studio we create modern and comfortable rooms.

Interior design and decoration

Interior design and decoration are the final stage of any architectural or renovation project. Through their techniques, their sensitivity and their art, the space acquires the substance of life.

Through interior architecture we create unique and inspiring designs.

Interior Architecture

The great challenge of interior design is to truly define the space and how it will be used and lived in. Defining functionalities and circuits, organizing the different areas according to their intended use.

Our methodology:

Explore with us the infinite possibilities of the creation and remodeling process.


The briefing is the moment when the client sets out what they want from their refurbishment project. The more careful the briefing, the more likely we are to succeed quickly. The briefing should include the available budget and the time required to complete the project.


Developing the concept for a refurbishment project is the first personal and customized approach to architecture, interior design and decorating a space. It is an outline that materializes the main ideas to be worked on

Technical Project

This phase includes the structuring of the layout of the spaces, the construction project, the selection of furniture, art curation, among others. All projects are presented using 3D images.


Once the technical execution projects and specialties have been completed, it is possible to carry out rigorous and detailed budgeting, so that there are no surprises. At this stage it is also possible to make some small changes or corrections.

Construction Management

Spacemakers manages the work personally. We are present at every stage of the work, and it can range from construction management to purchasing, logistics and storage, and even art curation.

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Case Study

Store refurbishment


Refurbishment project for a store in two apartments. 

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Case Study

L'And Vineyards


Interior design and decoration project.

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Who are we?

We are a leading architecture, interior design and decoration studio in Portugal, created in 2005 by Ana Proença and Célia Mestre.

We develop projects that make people's and families' lives more pleasant, more beautiful and more sustainable.

Our areas of intervention range from residential areas to commercial and service areas and the hotel industry.

We quote in detail from design to construction and are extremely strict with deadlines. We only commit to what our experience tells us we can deliver.

We carry out your architectural and interior design project as a whole, in harmony with you, from the concept to the technical project, right through to the construction work, if that's what you want.

We take a personal and customized approach to architecture and interior design, because we believe that being present is essential for everything to run smoothly.


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