T3 Apartment Belem Gardens

Particular Client | Belém, Lisboa
The owner of this two bedroom flat is a collector of antique pieces and the challenge proposed to the Spacemakers studio was well defined: to combine the pieces from his collection in a space of comfort for the whole family. Without wanting to commit to any particular style, the journey through the various rooms brings us distinct environments. The concept for the project was precisely to assume the eclecticism of the project and vary the choices.

The family living and dining area lives from neutral tones to textures. The sofa with a chaise longue was custom-made by the Spacemakers studio. To separate the two areas, a Chesterfield sofa in dark brown suede leather was reused. In the centre, a Nogushi table by Isamu Noguchi, a modernist piece from the 1950s.

Grey, and black and gold were the colours chosen for the suite. A baroque-style mirror on the bedside stands out and is one of the owners' favourite pieces; on the bedside tables, two lamps with bases in Estremoz marble.
With wallpaper in grey tweed pattern, the office is an assumedly masculine space. The decoration has a few notes like the original leather chaise longue by Le Corbusier and the wall clock, which are part of the couple's estate.
For the twins' room, two overlapped beds, mismatched, with a shelf for books and toys storage, were custom designed and executed. The world map theme, contrasting with the red stripes on the bedspreads, leaves plenty of room for imagination and exploration.

Fotography Ana Garrido