Cidade do Futebol Restaurant

Federação Portuguesa de Futebol | Caxias, Portugal
Spacemakers was invited to develop the interior design for the revamped restaurant and cafeteria of Cidade do Futebol.
The studio responded to the purpose of the main concept; a space with a familiar atmosphere, guided by a feeling of portugality.
Through an approach focused on comfort, timeless design and quality materials, the bet was on portuguese materials, from handmade ceramic tiles, choice of national textiles, wood, iron and glass.
This assumption extends to the choice of a set of Olive trees in the flowerbox of amplified dimensions, in the center of the space, which transmits us the Mediterranean tranquility in moments of conversation.
On the outdoor terrace, in close communication with the interior space, a new covered social area, a space that encourages conviviality, with two lounge areas.

The result is a comfortable, functional space with a differentiated interior design, in order to highlight the hospitality of this space, inviting both moments of meal, moments of inspiration or informal meetings.

Photography by Cidade do Futebol