Hotel “Accommodation for Athletes” 44 rooms

Federação Portuguesa de Futebol | Cidade do Futebol, Caxias, Portugal
Atelier RISCO was responsible for the Architecture, Spacemakers was responsible for the Interior Design and Decoration project for the athletes' accommodation building at Cidade do Futebol with a classification equivalent to a 4-star hotel. The building was conceived to fill the needs of accommodation for athletes and technical staff of the Portuguese Football Federation teams whenever they are in training in the complex of Cidade do Futebol.
The aim is that the building serves the purpose of housing from the under-15 selections to the A team selections. The Decoration project responds to the assumption through formal and aesthetic options, as key factors to enhance the value of the facilities.

Creative Concept: in geometry, hexagon is a polygon with six sides, which can be broken down into 6 equilateral triangles. Its 6 angles are also 60º. In geometry, the number 6 is associated with perfection. It is the geometric shape in which a perfect circle is inscribed. It is, along with the pentagon, the geometrical shape that makes up the football.
The creative concept of the project has in the geometric figure HEXAGON the anchor element of the Interior Decoration proposal.
It is perceived throughout the common and private spaces, assuming shape and changeable pattern, which adapts to the characteristics of each space. This geometric figure is present, in part or in full, in the finishes and coatings of wall plans and decorative panels, in the treatment of floor finishes, in the design of tapestries, in the design of various furniture and decorative accessories, such as the textile pattern of cushions.
The concept underlying the project, which supports the formal implementation of the proposal, is based on the idea of continuing the "LOOK AND FEEL" expressed in the spaces specifically designed for players in the main building of the Football City.

Fotography courtesy of Cidade do Futebol