Eclectic Apartment


This 2 bedroom apartment in a condominium in Lisbon is a trip for different eras, able to coexist, under one roof, furniture of different times and styles; the owner is a collector of antiquarian pieces, family furniture and fond of classics of modern design. Although we counted on pieces of well-defined epochs, we did not want to connotate any specific style in this project. On the contrary, the intention was to assume the eclecticism that is breathed in the atmosphere of the apartment.

The entrance of the apartment has free access to the social area of ​​the house, where a large room receives the living and dining room. The family living area, we bet on neutral tones for the textures, curtains, upholstery and carpet; resulted in an area surrounding the introduction of a sofa with chaiselongue custom-made by the studio, the recovery of an antique wooden sofa with spun-neutered fabric, and a reinterpretation of the Chesterfield sofa in dark brown suede leather, which separates this area from the dining area. In the center we chose the Nogushi table by Isamu Noguchi, a modernist piece from the 1950’s. The mobile multimedia and television support was designed by the studio; a horizontal floor console and a vertical top panel, where it fixes the television and hides all the technical details. With this solution we managed to have the pieces of collection such as the two pedestals in iron wood that support bronze sculptures and two oil paintings and gilded carving, assume a symmetrical posture in the space.

The dining area consists of an old family table and chairs, to which two upholstered chairs have been added in the headboards. Parts such as silver services, crowbar tables and tin trays, punctuate this room with unique details.

In the owners’ suite, the wall is lined with Cole & Son’s revival-inspired geometric pattern paper. The bed headboard is upholstered in fabric with Spacemakers atelier design. The tones of the textures are based on various shades of gray, and black and gold. The baroque-style mirror on the headboard wall was a family piece, as well as the tables in an old, reclaimed room became the bedside tables, which receive Estremoz marble-based lamps.

The office, a space that was supposedly masculine, is fully lined with gray tweed pattern wallpaper from the Designers Guild. The contemporary glass-topped work desk is joined by Le Corbusier’s original black leather lounge chair and an owner’s estate wall clock.

The room of the children, twins, lives around a piece designed by the architects, two overlapping beds, with their bookshelf and toys, where the wavy pattern of the sea on the wallpaper, the pattern of the headboards of the beds and cushions; the world map of the Designers Guild, in contrast to the red stripes on the fabric of the quilts, leaves plenty of room for imagination and exploration.

The project combines objects and distinguished furniture, the result is a trip inspired by various times, it is precisely this mix that makes the apartment interesting and unique – the eclectic apartment.

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