“They know how to bring our wishes to life…”

“Companies are people. When I thought about making changes to my house, I tried to find someone who really could understand me … myself, my wife and my children. Ana Proença and Célia Mestre were definitely the right people. Very professional, organised, methodical. They know how to listen and how to bring our wishes to life. It was a very important investment we made: today, my house is more beautiful and more valuable. The work of Ana, Célia and the rest of the team even increaseed the value of the property itself, and that also counts. Little/big detail: I asked Spacemakers to submit another project for our house in Algarve, which has now been implemented. Very happy. Very satisfied.”

Carlos Dias da Silva, TV presenter

“My project could not have turned out better.”

“From the design to the final result, there was remarkable empathy and professionalism from the entire team, directed by Ana Proença and Célia Mestre. My project could not have turned out better and, inevitably, it was followed by projects for friends and family. The result is cozy homes that are full of charm!”

Ana Cristina Borges, CEO

“We could not have been more pleased!”

“Spacemakers’ intervention focused on advice regarding the architectural design of a house, to ensure that the finishes and many other “details” coincided with the decor, also designed by Ana Proença and Célia Mestre. The project faced several challenges, including a relatively “tight” budget and the reuse of numerous parts such as furniture lamps, screens and even curtains, which we already had. We could not have been more pleased with the final result; the created environments are functional, comfortable, sophisticated and reflect our experiences, by smoothly integrating so many personal items. Of note, other aspects, such as the professionalism and the good humour of Ana and Célia, the immense availability and the concern with meeting deadlines. Having had such a positive experience, we have already recommended their services to several friends and it is a pleasure to share our feedback with potential future customers.”

Mara Guerreiro, Consultant and Pedro Rodrigues dos Santos, Engineer

“The understand the client’s tastes and needs…”

“I genuinely like the Spacemakers team. Why? The willingness they demonstrate in understanding the client’s tastes and needs, the patience with which they note every detail, the creativity with which they transform small spaces with multifunction ones, the budget flexibility, the way they meet the deadlines and the overall commitment and sympathy Ana Proença and Célia Mestre show, so that everything goes smoothly…and finally, because they made our home more beautiful, comfortable and functional!”

Gabriela Oliveira – journalist and author of “Cozinha Vegetariana”, among other books