L'And Vineyards




An architectural project by José Paulo dos Santos, the Spacemakers studio was invited to develop the execution and interior design project, which included both more structural aspects, such as the removal of several walls, changes to the layout of the outdoor space, the selection of finishing materials and the definition of the overall decoration.

House with a unique and inspiring design.

The details of designing and decorating a room.
Through architecture and interior design we build functional and inspiring living spaces.

The Villa is a reinterpretation of the courtyard houses that hark back to the Arab presence in Alentejo architecture, with a strong interior-exterior connection, clean lines, wide spaces and large gaps of light.
Designed to be a family's weekend retreat, the space required comfort, originality and authenticity, which, from the owners' perspective, had to be contemporary.

hotel decoration

A project that was a fusion of inspirations, where the old meets the new and the classic meets the irreverent, where the fluidity of the space allows the use of furniture on a larger scale, and the light base tones offer minimal comfort. The result was a personalized and unmistakable family refuge.

Photo Luis Silva Campos



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