Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is an essential specialty for all projects, be they new construction, refurbishment or even interior design.

In this sense, the great advantage of Spacemakers is precisely that it is based on architecture and the experience of interior architecture, both as a project itself and as support for interior design.

A residential building, an office, a store, a restaurant are some of the spaces where interior design becomes a priority and almost exists on its own.

Interior architecture and interior design are often so intertwined that little or no distinction is made between them. Just as there may be no separation between the work of architecture and interior architecture.

However, it is within the framework of interior architecture that the detailed plan of the work or project in question is defined. This gives rise to what is technically called an execution project, which generally delimits and fills in the interior of the space outlined by the architecture, with a view to the specificity of its experience and overall aesthetics.

We do interior design and architecture for both residential and commercial projects. Talk to our team of experts.

Areas of Expertise

In each case, we apply our experience and passion to offer exceptional solutions.

Through interior architecture we create unique and inspiring designs.

Interior Architecture

Through interior design, our first mission is to make spaces habitable, comfortable and harmonious. Making life and the world better.

Interior design is a skill and an art in which the aesthetic dimension is as important as functionality.

By accompanying all phases of the architectural project, we create functional, modern and comfortable restaurant spaces.

Architecture Project

In this area, we felt it was important to describe all the phases that an architectural project goes through so that we could be on the same page and because there are many moments that are out of our control, as they have to do with administrative bodies.

Our experience will stand out because we will accompany you throughout the process, helping you to overcome and resolve all the legal requirements.

House with a unique and inspiring design.

Housing Project

The land is already yours. You can finally build on it. And this is where we come in, and a lot of conversations. To get to know in depth everything you've dreamed of, admired and desired. Whether you want a complete turnkey project or just the architecture and interior design, we are used to working to your requirements and availability.

We exist to create and accompany the dream to its realization.


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