Creating an excellent hospitality experience is the raison d'être of our intervention in hotel decoration, with real attention to detail and a commitment to unique designs.

The hotel is always a transitory place. A place of passage that interrupts the course of the day. It can be an adventure, rewarding moments of peace and well-being, a lively vacation or simply a welcoming space for travelers.

Interior design and hotel decoration are the structuring factors of this unique experience. Their function is to translate the style and personality of the space at a glance and, in the end, to provide personalized comfort.

At Spacemakers, through hotel decoration, we are committed to personalization, understood as a response to the characteristics of different audiences and their purposes.

The strategic definition of the hotel's objectives will determine its decor and style.

We study and work to find your formula. Your decoration. The one you envisioned.

Hotel decoration - types of hotel and decoration

Beach and Resort Hotels

These spaces take on a special glow through their outdoor elements such as gardens, terraces and swimming pools. 

They require a dichotomy to which architecture and interior design, as well as our decoration of outdoor areas, contribute greatly, outlining spaces that respect the privacy and tranquillity of those who want it and, at the same time, allowing families with children to have the fun and relaxed vacations they've dreamed of.

Business segment

The business segment is itself very diverse, requiring different approaches depending on the level of status desired. 

In all cases, the functionalities must be at the service of speed and efficiency, and the amenities must be sufficiently appealing and comfortable to guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Design Hotel

Elements of architecture and interior design play with decoration to enhance a specific identity. 

Bold differentiating factors will be a decorating imperative here. Our art curation and the creation of original design pieces, specially conceived to mark the identity of the space, play an important role.

City Breaks

Dedicated to a more heterogeneous public, we can talk about themed or simply functional hotel decoration. 

Spacemakers' approach to interior design and decoration will be key to giving the desired simplicity and functionality without forgetting the comfort and attitude that can provide conviviality and discovery.

City Hotels

Variety is the motto.
More luxurious or more minimalist, more contemporary or traditional, its style will certainly be influenced by the city environment in which it is located, the characteristics of the building itself and the spirit of the brand that will endorse it.

Rural hotels

Hotels in rural areas are becoming increasingly fashionable and relevant. In these hotels, immersion in the location can be achieved through architecture and interior design as well as hotel decoration, although it is important to note that nature always takes on a special prominence.

Interior spaces are essential in determining style and comfort.

We studied and worked to find its formula. Your decoration. The one you envisioned.

Hotel decoration - types of interior spaces

Rooms and Suites

The rooms and suites are ultimately one of the biggest factors in customer satisfaction, as they reflect the substance of the desired and deserved rest.

Dining Room

The aesthetics of dining room which has to allow for quick breakfasts as well as romantic dinners and working lunches, is a huge challenge because the decoration has to work on the image and the "appetite appeal", making guests forget the functionalities and practicality required for the service.

Beach and Resort Hotels

Our experience allows us to make the most of nooks and crannies and other common areas such as the lobby, lounges or terraces so that everyone has the opportunity for a pleasant stay.



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