Garden decoration

Everyone can have their own garden. On a wall, in a courtyard, on the terrace or in the grounds around the house. By decorating gardens, you can create spaces that are an act of hope and a reflection of our culture.

We dedicate ourselves to the design and decoration of gardens, fully aware of the role they can play as crucial elements in our connection to nature, to the earth, to the seasons. Sensations and knowledge that we often think are lost in the hustle and bustle of cities.

For each garden decoration project we put together a team of specialists who will advise, design, plant, decorate and even help maintain your garden as you wish.

From the type of plants, adapted to the terrain and climate, to the lighting, the presence of water in fountains or small ponds, to the objects that will decorate it and the composting that will help you create a rich and sustainable soil, there are countless factors that influence the environment we want to create when decorating gardens.

In addition, depending on the space, we can always add a vegetable or herb garden so that the charm of the garden can reach your table.

What kind of garden decoration will you be using?

We study and work to find your formula. Your garden decoration. The one you envisioned.

Zen Garden

Inspired by Zen philosophy in which the harmony of the elements is the rule, this type of garden is made up of paths and views that convey calm and tranquillity. Rocks will be a presence that unites plants, trees and water. When decorating gardens in this category, each ensemble acquires its own meaning and defines a landscape of the soul. The perfect agreement between its inhabitants is sought, whether it comes from nature or man.

Modern Garden

In a modern, more minimalist, more restrained garden, plants are treated like living sculptures. In addition, the garden is experienced through the contrast between natural elements and industrial ones such as concrete or metal. Shapes also take on a special importance, whether we see them moved by the wind or at rest. In modern garden decoration, the play of colors is generally designed to reflect the surrounding environment, warmer or colder, more southern or northern. The modern garden corresponds to an aesthetic in which formal perception is the motto.

Mediterranean Garden

The typical Mediterranean garden is a garden of plants native to this region and beyond. The common denominator is resistance to dryness, hence the use of many species of cactus that coexist with lavender and rosemary, olive and almond trees. Typical of ancient times were the citrus gardens that do so well in this region. The Mediterranean garden is essentially a perfume garden.

English garden

We can define the English style as an exuberant style. The coexistence of multiple plants, where roses can never be missing, with shrubs, vines, trees and grass is the rule. Depending on the climate and the availability of water, it is possible to create various scenarios, various routes, various nooks and crannies where there is never a lack of attention to birds and other animals typical of the ecosystem created. It's a garden that stands out for its freedom.

Eco-Friendly Garden

An eco-friendly garden is built with global sustainability as its primary concern, by adapting the plants chosen to the climate and type of terrain, trying to attract insects and birds, among other wildlife, taking care of water so that it is not wasted and composting. He prefers the traditional plants of each region to save resources and help make a better world.

Vertical garden

Vertical gardens are widely used in commercial or business spaces and are a great solution when space is limited. On a balcony or patio it is always possible to install plants that connect us to the nostalgic greenery of nature or the diversity of aromatics. When decorating gardens in this category, the immense variety of plants allows a vertical garden to combine the changing surprise of the seasons with the perennial nature.


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