Restelo 22




The Spacemakers studio was invited to carry out the remodeling and extension of a family home. It was also responsible for the interior design and decoration project.

The house belongs to one of the original groups of houses in Bairro do Restelo. The work included the extension of the existing building area as well as the almost total demolition of the existing building (interior and rear façade). However, the main façade remained intact, preserving its character as a semi-detached house.

The basic concept of the project consists of giving the staircase a spatial centrality around which a game is developed between five intermediate floors in order to respect the client's program and combine the different altimetries between the front and back areas of the plot.

The new layout was designed to share social spaces, where the main entrance, the living room, the outdoor garden area and the swimming pool have become communicating and visually continuous.

The focus on quality materials and original architectural solutions, and sophisticated decoration with many bespoke solutions developed by our atelier, make this house a true signature project.

Photography Ricardo Junqueira



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