Business Decoration

There are many reasons and occasions for decorating companies, but the strategy is always unique. We seek to improve the company's environment to make it more efficient.

Business decoration is not a futile objective. On the contrary, its mission is to influence productivity, convey brand values, improve functionality and use the environment and space as a way of retaining and winning over employees.

We now know that the look and feel of the workplace is one of the determining factors in creating energetic teams with a positive spirit. For this reason, the decoration of companies and the comfort of spaces are essential if work is to be a factor of satisfaction and personal fulfillment and not a sterile obligation.

By decorating companies, our team seeks to create differentiated environments through colors, modern layouts, plants, ergonomic furniture and natural lighting. In addition, we use technologies to facilitate routine and promote sustainability in business spaces. 

At Spacemakers, our aim through our company decoration service is to ensure that each employee feels supported by the organization of the space and that the facilities raise the perception of quality, positively influencing both employees and clients.

What are the reasons for decorating companies?

We study and work to find your formula. Your decoration. The one you envisioned.


It's finally starting. The premises have been chosen and you need to decorate the space. Designing the best flow or the right furniture, organizing the seating areas and also outlining the rooms according to the functions are some of the tasks involved in decorating companies, which are essential to getting your project off the ground. In this regard, it's important to remember that your employees will be arriving and need to feel comfortable in order to keep up with the energy of creation.

Moving premises

The time has come. Moving premises may not be a headache. It's almost a fresh start and in this situation, business decoration can help smooth the process through the attractiveness it creates, the energy transmitted by the new colors, and the comfort that the lounge or reception areas reflect. The occasion is therefore a great opportunity to generate a new dynamic and a new attitude.


Success happened and the company grew. In this type of scenario, spaces need to be reorganized to integrate new employees or new functions, taking the opportunity to improve energy efficiency or the reception area, or even going a step further and using new colors as a way of marking the new phase the company is facing. Growing means evolving and decoration will therefore help to make business success visible.

Brand renewal

Expectations are high. When it comes to rebranding, it's possible to decorate companies in line with the brand's new values, new look and new attitude. This type of decoration can be more employee-oriented or more focused on the perception you want to generate among customers. In this way, the decoration of the company will help ensure that the reality of the new brand is experienced and felt by everyone.

Adapting to the times

Evolution is a constant in business life and the new times and new ways of working require a different kind of business decoration, adapting it to today's needs. Smart office, hot-desk, flex office are some of the terms that translate today's business spaces. In the end, decorating in this type of situation will allow spaces to be created that are more flexible, more efficient, more comfortable and more sustainable.


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