Architecture Office


Architecture as a construction technique is an art that has always been present in human life, while at the same time characterizing each era through its knowledge and its ability to differentiate itself through style and the time lived.


Our architectural office is dedicated to the construction of buildings from scratch or to their extensive refurbishment, whatever their type.

Contemporary architecture is characterized by a great freedom of styles and forms and is often based on the preference and artistic sensibility of the architect, who becomes the building's representative icon.

From the most basic forms to the most elaborate, such as skyscrapers, architecture is part of our lives. The oldest or most characteristic buildings of an era are appreciated and often visited as true works of art. Others are part of the banality of our daily lives, our cities and our villages.

At the Spacemakers architecture office we are creative but we don't want to be the protagonists, since the style will derive from your choice. The specialists who make up the architecture office always make sure that the end result is balanced with the environment around you, with the objectives you want and, above all, that you can feel the beauty that we all work for and that makes the world a better place to live in.

Architecture is the art that imprisons space in a form.

In our architecture office we study and work to find your formula. Your decor. The one you envisioned.

Business Buildings

The types of business buildings are determined by their purpose and how they fit into the urban fabric.

In our architectural office we can talk about buildings that are totally dedicated to one company or more pluralistic ones in which the interior spaces are left free for different uses. We can also talk about factory buildings, spaces dedicated to logistics, schools or wineries. Each one symbolizes the mark of its owner in the space. 

Residential Buildings

In our architecture office, we believe that diversity is the rule for this category of buildings. Single-family homes or apartment buildings. Residences for the elderly or university residences. In the city or in the countryside.

Urban condominiums where art is present without jeopardizing privacy, or even large semi-rural subdivision projects where the design of the model house becomes the ex-libris of the real estate project.

Hotel buildings

In this category, we bring together the different specialties that make up the hospitality industry and that we work on in our architecture office. Hotels, resorts, spas, buildings for local accommodation, restaurants, bars and the like.

Their nature makes these buildings special due to the complexity of their functions, which have to be translated into the very organization of the architectural space, and at the same time, their overall vision has to immediately provide users with the desired perception of welcoming availability. 

Religious buildings

There are many ways of experiencing spirituality and at the architecture office we are aware that all these formats need a space that reflects the objectives of worship and spiritual life, even if it is simply an outdoor space, such as a garden.

Architecture has always been a fundamental element in the organization and characterization of these places of worship, be they churches, convents, mosques, cemeteries or Buddhist temples and gardens.

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Areas of Expertise

In each case, we apply our experience and passion to offer exceptional solutions.

In our architectural office, whether it's construction or refurbishment, we create modern, functional and comfortable workspaces.

Architecture Office

Our architecture department is responsible for designing, planning and guiding the construction or refurbishment. It's as much about technique as it is about imagination, because we have to know how to make the defined objectives compatible with the restrictions created by the urban or landscape setting, the legal rules we have to obey today and the available budget.

Time will become an important variable, but in the end, the desired life will happen.

Through architecture and interior design we build functional and inspiring living spaces.

Architecture Project

In this area, we felt it was important to describe all the phases that an architectural project goes through so that we could be on the same page and because there are many moments that are out of our control, as they have to do with administrative bodies.

Our experience will stand out because we will accompany you throughout the process, helping you to overcome and resolve all the legal requirements.

Details of decorating a country house.

Housing Project

The land is already yours. You can finally build on it. And this is where we come in, and a lot of conversations. To get to know in depth everything you've dreamed of, admired and desired. Whether you want a complete turnkey project or just the architecture and interior design, we are used to working to your requirements and availability.

We exist to create and accompany the dream to its realization.


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