Architecture Project

An architectural project is a very broad concept. Its procedure involves various types of projects and many conversations to explore the stipulated objectives in detail. It alsoin the architectural project The knowledge we have of the laws and regulations necessary to proceed with construction is crucial.


Our architectural design department is dedicated to creating buildings from scratch or carrying out significant renovations, regardless of the type of project.

In an architectural project, it's important to bear in mind that each project is unique and that's why we'll have to work together, whether it's a family home or an apartment or office building. It will be important for creative development and for the smooth running of the rest of the process that we can go as far as possible in understanding the purposes and functions of the building we want to construct.

At Spacemakers we know how complex and time-consuming a construction process can be. That's why you can count on us to develop the architecture, the execution project and also to assist with the rest of the process, advising and providing technical support when the work begins.

We provide complete support for the different phases of the architectural project.

We study and work to find your formula. Your ideal architectural project. 

Architecture Project

We monitor all phases of the architectural project.

Preliminary Study and Design

It is in the preliminary study that we discover the essence of the architecture, defining the functional layout, the integration into the environment and the desired style. After the client's approval, we move on to the preliminary design, which is necessary for licensing.

Municipal licensing

It will be with the architectural project and its explanation that the application for a license to the City Council will begin. The urban or rural nature of the project to be built will be important in this process. In addition to the architectural design, the licensing process requires a set of legal documents that will be the responsibility of the developer.

Project Execution

The execution project is the definition of all the details of the proposed construction. From the materials: the coverings of the various surfaces and rooms, the windows to the lighting fixtures and other features, the locations of which must be established straight away. At this stage we are dealing with a detailed project, but one that is of great practical use and which will also allow us to define the correct budget for the work.

Specialty Projects

The specialty projects are required by law and cover various technical areas, such as stability, rainwater, acoustics, electricity, thermal insulation, sanitation and telecommunications. They can be submitted with the Prior Communication or up to 6 months after submitting the Licensing application.

Building permit

As the name suggests, this is the license to build or even to demolish if that is the case. This permit is issued by the town hall once the entire process has been examined and all the legal requirements have been met, including the payment of fees, which vary according to the region. In addition, the details of this permit must be clearly visible on the building site.

Contractor and Supervision

The choice of contractor is, of course, the responsibility of the owner of the project and many factors will have to be taken into account, including the budget, which will depend on both the execution project and the specifications of the specialty projects. It is also at this stage that the inspector will need to be hired to ensure that everything is done as planned.

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Areas of Expertise

In each case, we apply our experience and passion to offer exceptional solutions.

Through interior architecture we create unique and inspiring designs.

Interior Design

Through interior design, our first mission is to make spaces habitable, comfortable and harmonious. Making life and the world better.

Interior design is a skill and an art in which the aesthetic dimension is as important as functionality.

By accompanying all phases of the architectural project, we create functional, modern and comfortable restaurant spaces.

Architecture Project

In this area, we felt it was important to describe all the phases that an architectural project goes through so that we could be on the same page and because there are many moments that are out of our control, as they have to do with administrative bodies.

Our experience will stand out because we will accompany you throughout the process, helping you to overcome and resolve all the legal requirements.

House with a unique and inspiring design.

Housing Project

The land is already yours. You can finally build on it. And this is where we come in, and a lot of conversations. To get to know in depth everything you've dreamed of, admired and desired. Whether you want a complete turnkey project or just the architecture and interior design, we are used to working to your requirements and availability.

We exist to create and accompany the dream to its realization.


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