Apartment refurbishment

At Spacemakers, we always try to analyze and evaluate the reasons why we can best achieve your goals with the renovation or refurbishment of apartments, whether you want to live in them or make a profit from them. 

Refurbishing apartments is becoming more and more of a trend in Portuguese cities. Whether it's because you want to adapt your home to your family's lifestyle or because you want to get a return on your investment. There are many reasons for wanting to renovate apartments.

We know that refurbishing apartments can be a time-consuming and painful process, between selecting suppliers, deadlines and budgets. 

With Spacemakers, your life is made easier when it comes to refurbishing apartments. From the project, to the budget, through to the management of the work, our team ensures that the results obtained meet your expectations and that the entire process complies with the deadlines and budgets stipulated.

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Our methodology:

Explore the infinite possibilities of the creative process with us.


The briefing is the moment when the client sets out what they want from their project. The more careful the briefing, the more likely we are to succeed quickly. The briefing should include the available budget and the time required to complete the project.


Developing a project concept is the first personal and customized approach to architecture, interior design and decorating a space. It is an outline that materializes the main ideas to be worked on.

Technical Project

This phase includes the structuring of the layout of the spaces, the construction project, the selection of furniture, art curation, among others. All projects are presented using 3D images.


Once the technical execution projects and specialties have been completed, it is possible to carry out rigorous and detailed budgeting, so that there are no surprises. At this stage it is also possible to make some small changes or corrections.

Construction Management

Spacemakers manages the work personally. We are present at every stage of the project, from purchasing, logistics and storage to site management.


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