About Us

Atelier Spacemakers was founded by Ana Proença and Célia Mestre in 2005, in Lisbon. It is dedicated to the execution of projects in the areas of Architecture, Interior Design and Decoration with partnerships in the area of Specialties and Construction, and is equipped with effective technical and and technological means of representation and communication to develop our activity effectively.

Our Philosophy

The scope of our intervention ranges from new buildings refurbishments, covering areas as vast as housing, commercial and business spaces, restaurants and hospitality, and from the initial layout study to the final handover delivery of the work.

Our philosophy is to offer integrated design solutions providing spaces with an aesthetic and functional quality environment and functional quality, with a differentiating character that meets the expectations of those who use and live in them.

Ana Proença

Graduated in Architecture by the Lusíada University of Lisbon. In the professional scope she passed by Architecture offices and sum experience in Advertising and Design Agencies, national and multinational, where she worked from project development to coordination of creative teams.
She was also one of the decorators of the tv show ‘Querido, Mudei a Casa’, on Sic Mulher.
Ana was also Coordinator of the Interior Design Course at the Escola Profissional Magestil, Lisbon having also been a teacher of Interior Design and trainer of the Interior Design Short Course at the Escola de Moda de Lisboa.

Célia Mestre

Graduated in Architecture from Universidade Moderna de Lisboa and Instituto Politécnico di Milano. Professionally she worked in architectural offices in Milan, Lisbon, Madeira and Azores, consolidating experience in all phases of design, including licensing, execution projects and construction monitoring.
Celia was also a teacher of Materials and Technologies discipline for the Interior Design Course at the Escola Profissional Magestil in Lisbon and a trainer for the Interior Design Short Course at the Escola de Moda de Lisboa.