Who are we?

We are a leading architecture, interior design and decoration studio in Portugal, created in 2005 by Ana Proença and Célia Mestre.

We develop projects that make people's and families' lives more pleasant, more beautiful and more sustainable.

Our areas of intervention range from residential areas to commercial and service areas and the hospitality industry.

Our philosophy is simple. It comes from the heart and tells our story.

Listening to know, empathy to understand, intuition to meet desires, creativity to make it happen and experience to make it possible within the budget.

We're not trying to affirm a style. We're trying to make your life better and, if possible, the world more sustainable.

18 years of experience

Design of

100+ projects completed

Meet the founders

Ana Proença

My early years of experience as an architect and designer in different national and international design and advertising agencies gave me an in-depth understanding of the requirements of commercial spaces, while at the same time teaching me how to coordinate teams with specialists from different areas and different cultures. 

Architecture and interior design as well as decoration came naturally in the challenges I took on afterwards, and I was chosen to be one of the decorators for the program "Querido Mudei a Casa" on SIC Mulher.

My love of sharing my experience and the knowledge I've accumulated has been translated into teaching. I coordinated the Interior Design Course at the Magestil Professional School, taught Interior Design and was a trainer on the Interior Design Short Course at the Lisbon Fashion School.

The Architecture course at the Lusíada University of Lisbon is a long way off, but the promise it held has been realized every day in the creative and daring response we have been able to give at Atelier, of which I was co-founder in 2005.

Célia Mestre

As well as working as an architect in architecture offices in Lisbon, Funchal and Ponta Delgada, I'd like to highlight my experience in Milan. First I did a postgraduate course at the Politecnico di Milano Institute, then I was part of one of its best-known architecture studios. 

After graduating from Universidade Moderna de Lisboa, my years of experience as an architect enabled me to consolidate my know-how and experience in all phases of a project, including licensing, design and construction supervision. They also taught me the importance of rigor in detail and the added value of careful client follow-up.

Teaching was a natural process, which is why I taught Materials and Technologies on the Interior Design course at the Magestil Professional School and on the Interior Design Short Course at the Lisbon Fashion School.

As co-founder of Atelier SpaceMakers, I am proud to be part of a team that, over the years, has been able to create with humility in order to give priority to the dreams of those who come to us and believe in us, innovating in the search for the most appropriate answers for each project.

From inquiries about new projects to requests for press and collaboration, we'll be happy to help.


In each case, we apply our experience and passion to offer exceptional solutions.

Through architecture and interior design we build functional and inspiring living spaces.

Interior Architecture

The great challenge of interior design is to truly define the space and how it will be used and lived in. Defining functionalities and circuits, organizing the different areas according to their intended use.

At our interior design studio we create modern and comfortable rooms.

Interior design and decoration

Interior design and decoration are the final stage of any architectural or renovation project. Through their techniques, their sensitivity and their art, the space acquires the substance of life.

Design and decoration of a hotel bar.


Architecture conceives, plans and guides construction. It is as much about technique as it is about imagination, because it has to know how to make its objectives compatible with the restrictions created by its urban or landscape setting, the legal rules it has to obey today and the available budget.


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