The Colours of Alentejo

An eclectic style, the decor is marked by strong colors, and rich textures and patterns. The porch is the meeting point of the family during the hot Alentejo summer.


Sábado Magazine – Ana Proença

Sábado Magazine went to Ana Proença’s house, to get to know the place she calls home


Projecting Emotions (Interview – Sol Newspaper)

(Português) Em criança passava os dias a construir casas com blocos Lego, desenhava em tudo o que fosse papel e dizia que ia ser arquitecta. Agora é um dos rostos conhecidos do programa Querido Mudei a Casa


Querido Mudei a Casa – Ep. 1211

The purpose of this program was to transform a child’s room into a princess’ room. Watch and see the final result


Querido Mudei a Casa – Ep. 1307

We embraced the challenge of transforming Mrs. Maria da Graça’s room, after the loss of her husband


Querido Mudei a Casa – Diana Chaves

In a special edition of the program, the living room of Diana Chaves’ father’s house has undergone a special treatment from our team


Querido Mudei a Casa – Ep. 1303

This time on the program, a children’s recreation room was transformed


Querido Mudei a Casa – Ep. 1207

Ana Proença once again takes part in the program “Querido Mudei a Casa”





What people say about us

We could not have been more pleased with the final result!
Mara Guerreiro, Consultant & Pedro dos Santos, Engineer